15 June 22

Based on the recent study carried out by the Observatory Mobility and Safety of Continental, the
pandemic saw one out of two Italians move by car for fear of contagion. Most likely this trend will
remain stable even when we have emerged from this period of difficulty.

For this reason, over 65% of the cars’ owners would be interested in changing their car for a more
reliable and secure model, if the government will give the go-ahead to incentives.

According to the research, for many people the pandemic has been a real habits changer, leading to a
greater need for safety on the part of consumers, to which all producers will have to respond by
increasing the reliability of their products.

In this perspective, the correct development of product design is vital, limiting or eliminating all manual
assembly processes that might reduce the reliability of the finished product.

We often come across products that provide an endless series of components and processes completely
managed by human control. This sometimes leads to having to discard finished products worth
hundreds of euros for a simple forgetfulness or for a simple defect.

That is why today, more and more customers are working to optimise their products’ design in order to
limit the number of components by using over-moulded sealing solutions.

In this scenario where effective product design becomes critical, we can support you with our capability
of thinking about effective and viable over-molded solutions.

We revolutionized the design process.

Practical thinking begins at the very early stages of development. Our clients are put in contact
with our over-molding experts since the very start.

By sharing your product design with our experts on the first product steps, they will be able to support
you, saving precious time, always crucial in product design and costs.

We focus on developing over-molded products hand in hand with our customers.
Even prior to jumping into production, we dedicate time to talk, analyze and explain to them all issues
concerning all rubber products.