The world around us is changing rapidly.  To continue to grow and prosper as a business in the next decade and beyond, we have to look forward and understand market trends and be prepared for what is to come.  We have to prepare ourselves for tomorrow, today.  Our vision for business is long term. We are equipped with a ‘Roadmap’ to drive our business to success alongside our partners, both internal and external, with respect to the expectations of all interested parties.

Our Mission
To be market leader in the production of rubber products and solutions, in a sustainable fashion, and to satisfy and attract clients with our knowledge, experience and reliability.

Our Vision
To continue to accomplish growth that is both sustainable and of high quality, we must:

  • Focus on the needs of our customers
  • Concentrate on the needs of our clients
  • Know the market, observe and learn
  • Act and react without delay
  • Make changes when necessary
  • Work and produce efficiently
  • Evaluate risks and find ways to prevent problems
  • Evaluate results and learn from mistakes

Our Values

  • Leadership: fully satisfy the client’s requirements and always provide the right solution
  • Quality: what we do, we do it well and responsibly.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: always promote a collective and multidisciplinary approach
  • Personal and professional growth: respect all employees and their ideas. Stimulate all initiatives, suggestions and solutions for improvement also through targeted training plans.
  • Integrity: be honest and have strong moral principles
  • Responsibility: be responsible in everything and divulge the results in a transparent manner
  • Passion: engage heart and mind in all activities.


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