O-Rings & Seals

Tumedei and Gulf Rubber are specialised in the design and manufacture of seals, O-rings and precision moulded seals.

New developments and new technologies have pushed the boundaries of composite making and precision rubber moulding. This has allowed us to offer greater possibilities in terms of overall performance and consistency, precision (dimensional tolerances) as well as an easy assembly process.

With our composite moulding technology, (from rubber to plastic or metal), Tumedei is also able to offer a solution where the precision rubber component is adhered to a plate (or insert) support made of plastic or metal, offering the customer a reduced inventory as well as a reduction in assembly times and costs.

  • Elastomer range :NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicone VMQ and others
  • Materials available from 40 to 80 IRHD, but the usual applications require 50 to 70 IRHD.
  • Materials available with international approvals for drinking water, see “Materials” section.
  • Under certain production conditions the hardness can be maintained between +/-3 IRHD. However, the normal hardness tolerance is usually +/-5 IRHD.
  • Under certain production conditions dimensional tolerances can be kept below the M1 class (ISO3302),some specific applications for which we maintain critical dimensional tolerances of +/-0,025 mm, however, the normal tolerance is according to ISO3302 class M1 or M2.
  • Ability to produce precision moulding adhesion with plastic and/or metal plates or inserts.
  • 100% visual inspection in addition to final AQL levels (Acceptable Quality Level).
  • Some products can be tested 100% with mechanical control (pressure, leak, other)

Fields of application:

  • Manufacture of electrical household appliances
  • Automotive industry
  • Manufacture of pneumatic valves
  • Water management industry