Pipe seals

Pipe seals are used in many municipal applications, such as water supply and sewage systems.
The Gulf seals are designed with precision to maintain the seal performance for the life cycle of a pipe system, which can reach up to 100 years. We manufacture gaskets for PVC pipes, ductile iron pipes, concrete pipes, FRC (reinforced concrete fibre) and polypropylene pipes.
We can work closely with you to design our seals to perfectly integrate with your pipes and meet the specific needs of your pipe application.

We submit our seals to advanced engineering analysis, including finite element analysis (FEA) and fault mode and effect analysis (FMEA).
Our seals are designed to withstand the rigour and impact of pipe installations.
We perform positive pressure tests, vacuum short and long term deflection using our internal pressure testing rig. Our equipment can test a range of international standards including ASTM D3139, BS4346 and AS1477.
Our interface pressure system allows us to determine the length of the seal part of a gasket and the maximum pressure that this length can hold.
We use a Wallace Compression Stress Relaxation test to assess the polymer’s ability to maintain its seal function, which is critical to the long-term life of the seal.
We have a number of patents and design registrations worldwide for tube seals.
Our pipe sealing compounds meet a range of international standards, including ASTM F477, EN681-1, ISO4633, AS1646 and MS672.