Prototype & Tooling

Prototype tooling (usually single cavity) is used to create parts for testing and design validation without the need to commit to expensive multi cavity production tooling.

  • Prototype tools can be more easily and quickly modified than multi cavity production tools.
  • The lead time for prototype tooling is much shorter than for production tooling.
  • Prototype tools can be quickly produced from CAD files. Preferred formats are IGES or DXF.
  • Prototype tooling will enable Tumedei to provide parts in different materials for customer evaluation. This allows part performance to be optimised in a cost effective and timely manner.

Tumedei has its own dedicated tool room to produce proto tools quickly. It includes all necessary machines and equipment, CNC lathe and milling amongst all other conventional equipment.

The tool room’s priority is dedicated to prototype development tools over construction of multi cavity tools.

Tumedei also has the capacity to produce most of its multi cavity tools internally, however we also work closely with several key toolmakers specialized in plastic and rubber tools. This enables us to always be responsive for design and manufacture of either production and/or development tools.