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For more than 100 years, Tumedei Spa has been manufacturing in Italy and supplying all over the world technical polymer products, Tumedei is a leader in the design and production of rubber components. When joining the Gulf Rubber group back in 2007, Tumedei added to its own product range the ability to outsource manufacturing of high precision rubber and plastic components from South East Asia.

Tumedei offers specific expertise in the engineering and manufacturing process (it specialises in fabric reinforced membranes used in pressure regulators (including but not limited to methane/LPG applications) as well as precision rubber to metal components (including methane/LPG injector automotive applications).

Gulf Rubber brings experience in the low cost production of technical rubber and plastic pieces.

Together, we offer unique competitive advantages to our international customers. Tumedei produces and distributes its product range all over the world. Which ever country and language, our well qualified customer service team will be pleased to assist you with your enquiries or purchase orders.

The highly qualified sales and technical assistant team at Tumedei works closely with our engineering and development team, to understand and overcome any problems met by our customers with regards to technical polymer products.

Our experience in various sectors and applications allows us to transform a concept into a precise engineering solution that we then manufacture and supply as a finished product.