Rubber/Metal Over Moulding

Tumedei and Gulf Rubber produce a vast range of rubber articles with elastomer  moulding composites adhered to one or more sub-materials such as plastic, metal, brass, ceramic, PTFE and various fabrics.

Some products may have up to 4 different materials in a finished part, for example some membranes for measuring pumps are made with a metal insert (threaded connection) adhered to the elastomer (NBR or EPDM) a fabric (reinforcement)  and a PTFE coating (to increase chemical and abrasive resistance).

Tumedei and the Gulf Rubber group can count on the teamwork of numerous highly experienced chemists and laboratory technicians, in the fields of both plastic and rubber. We utilise their expertise in materials and polymers for the development of innovative solutions with the latest production technologies and techniques.

Our composite moulding technology, combined with our ability to mould individual plastic components, allows Tumedei to offer sub-component solutions (low-cost assembly presses) with a reduction in components, resulting in reduced assembly costs and  lower inventory.

Most of these solutions and/or products are manufactured with the following characteristics:

  • Elastomer range : NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicone VMQ and others.
  • Rubber materials available from 40 to 80 IRHD, however the usual applications require from 50 to 70 IRHD.
  • Materials with international approvals for drinking water, see “Materials” secion.
  • Range of plastic materials: see “Materials” section.
  • Under certain production conditions the hardness can be maintained between +/-3 IRHD, however the normal hardness tolerance is usually +/-5 IRHD.
  • Under certain production conditions dimensional tolerances can be kept below the M1 class (ISO3302), some specific applications for which we maintain a critical tolerance.
  • 100% pressure and/or vacuum tests, seal/leak tests, resistance tests, and other physical and mechanical tests available.

Representative Products:

  • Thin membranes
    • Membranes for measuring pumps
    • Silicone membranes
  • Filters (rubber, fabric and plastic)
  • Water valve cap insert plug inserts for water pump valves (metal shaft, plastic and rubber EPDM.)
  • Oscillating lever for pneumatic valves (EPDM with plastic)
  • Pneumatic/water/methane and LPG valve pistons (metal or brass with FKM or NBR)

Application fields:

  • Household appliances
  • Automotive industry
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Water management
  • Domestic and Industrial Gas